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Pentax Q10 for Landscape IR-Photo.

Pentax Q, Q-10 for Landscape IR-Photography

Q, Q10's so Sensitive sensors for Astro-IR will excel in Landscape IR-Photo:
Drawbacks of Pentax Q-Q10 despite its 1/2.3" Fabulous imx078 BSI sensor
– Multi-Exposure Mode outputs a JPEG, not a RAW file
– IR Remote doesn't work w/ Bulb nor Intervalometer
– No Wired Remote Control Port on Pentax Q, Q10, Q7, Qs1
– No way to Set the LENR Fully ON or OFF
But, Zero Limitations for Hand-Held Landscape IR-Photography !

More Advantages to the Pentax Q, Q10 over other 1/2.3" BSI cameras
– Q - Q10 are unique 1/2.3" BSI cam. to support Interchangeable Lenses.
– Q-for-K optional Adapter opens the Q, Q10 to the whole 'K' Lens System.
– Q-for-K holds usual 1"1/4 Astro-Filters : PentaxK2Q1in25Filter.html

Pentax Adapter's Leaf Shutter: 1/1000s Flash Sync Speed - 30sec. Bulb/Man.
Pentax Q Mount to K Lenses
From FF to 1/2.3", Crop ratio is 5.6x - Clic Image, Ctrl+ to Enlarge

– Q-Q10 have a 1Ah Battery, it lasts 1 summer night w/o Live-View abuse
– The Q-10 is a CostLess camera, I bought mine for $170€ in spring 2014
– The IR-cut Filter of the Q, Q10 is Easy to Remove : PentaxQ10AstroIR.html
– Then the Q, Q10 are No longer Limited to High-ISO + Tripod + R72-Filter !
This opens the door to Fantastic Hand-Held Landscape IR-Photography :
See my IR Snapshot taken at ISO-100, f/8, 1/320 sec. at the end of this page.
The AF of the Q, Q10 is unable to reach infinity after their IR-cut filter removal,
A good fix to solve that seem to Reduce their Back-Focus / Flange distance :
Let's put the dimensions of the IR-filter : 12,6 width x 13,1 height x 0,6mm thick
for who want to replace it with a Clear Glass Filter with Anti-Reflective Coating :

Thinner Bayonet Mount to reach infinity Focus

How to thin the Bayonet-Mount of the Pentax Q / Q10
IR-cut filter being 0.6 mm only, you just need to Reduce BF 0.2 Maximum
- an Optical Rule useful when you insert / remove a Glass-Filter from a BF Path.
0.2 Maximum, because of Tolerance, if your Q has 0.05 of it...
then you just need to Reduce BF 0.15 mm off
Focus-Position Shift
Clic Image, Ctrl+ to Enlarge
In fact, it's Very Easy : only from 2 to 3 hours of High Precision Hand Work :
Please, don't begin doing it if you don't feel able to achieve it...
It's Your Own Full Responsibility to do it... Or not to...

- Remove the 6 Screws... then the Bayonet
- verify that you find the Same Measurements as mine
... if Not, Write your Own Measurements then Subtract 0.2 / 0.1 mm from them
- for this, you need a Vernier Caliper
- a friend of yours owns a Metal Lathe, you just have to remove 0.15 mm from
the Front-side of the Bayonet Front-side... then let's try it...
- else you need a 10-11 mm thickness Three Square smooth Hand File
the 6+3 holes are in the External Crown of the Bayonet Back-side : 2.3 thickness
it'll be reduced to 2.2 all around at the same time than 3 of the following Sectors :
turning clockwise,
the Internal Bayonet Backside is divided into 6 Sectors starting at "InD33" mark
-1) from ~1:0 to 2:30 AM hole #2 position : 2.4 thickness Sector to reduce to 2.2
(2 from 2:30 to 4:30 AM = 2.7 mm Thickness sector : left as is)
-3) from 4:30 to 6:30 AM hole #4 position : 2.4 thickness Sector to reduce to 2.2
(4 from 6:30 to 8:30 AM = 2.7 mm Thickness sector : left as is)
-5) from 8:30 to 10:0 AM hole #6 position : 2.4 thickness Sector to reduce to 2.2
(6 from 10:0 to ~1:0 PM = 2.7 mm Thickness sector : left as is)
Q10's Bayonet Mount backside: 3x 2.4 mm Sectors + 2.3 mm Ext.Crown to thin
Pentax Q10 Bayonet As-Sold
Clic Image, Ctrl+ to Enlarge
Backside of the Bayonet : External Crown (6+3 holes) was 2.3 thickness
+ 3 internal thinner Sectors were 2.4 thickness : now all are 2.2 mm
I didn't touch the 3 other Sectors, they still are 2.7 thickness
-> 1st Sector begins at " InD33 " mark
I hope the grazing light shows all the details :
don't reduce the 2.7 mm Sectors
Thinner Q10s Bayonet Mount: -0.2 and -0.1 this side, -0.1 mm Max other side
Pentax Q10 Thinner Bayonet
Clic Image, Ctrl+ to Enlarge
Once you've reached 2.2 mm thickness in these 3 Sectors - initially at 2.4 mm,
and, at the same time all around the External Crown (6+3 holes) initially at 2.3 mm
you'll have to thin the Frontside of the Bayonet of 0.05 mm to get started
then carefully Clean the Bayonet and remount it with its 6 screws
don't tighten too much, the screws are screwed into plastic
put the 5-15 mm Zoom-lens, is your AF working ?
Do you hear the AF-Confirmation 'BIP' ?
No, you'll have to go for 2.1...
Note : the 9-15 mm range works first, the 5-9 mm range works w/ a thinner Mount !
My Q10 is fine at 2.15 thickness, I'll confirm this when summer temp at 35°C+...
if your Own Measurements minus 0.15 gives you 2.15... go for 2.15 ?

Q10's Thinner Bayonet testing w/o IR-cut Filter

Now, you're able to Avoid the R72 Filter, thus the Tripod + High ISO setting !
Infrared Photo possibilities are infinite...
Pentax Q10, 5-15-Zoom-AF, Bare-imx078 sensor, WhitePaper-CustomWB:
Pentax Q10 w/o IR-cut filter, 5-15 Zoom Snap at ISO-100, F/8, 1/320 sec.
Clic Image, Ctrl+ to Enlarge
Bravo, you did it ! ;)
Hand-held Landscape IR-Photography and Deep-Sky-Objects, are yours now.
   © Dima Lootvoet 2010-2024

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