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Sensors Sensitivity Comparisons

Here is a way to compare sensors Sensitivity through their Dxo-ISO Sports ranking
by dividing their Dxo-ISO Score by their Two Dimensions (Area)
That was mine for AstroPhotography purpose

Dima Sensitivity = DxoMark-ISO-Score / Sensor-Height / Sensor Width mm

Dima Sensor Sensitivity : Dxo-ISO / mm²


Dima Sensor Sensitivity : DxoMark-ISO / mm²
Pentax Q-Q100781.55BSI1/2.3124.606.151866.577.7030sYes
Pentax Mx-1
Sony A7 III
Nikon D7500
Pentax K-10944.80FSIFF3624.035.932803.8143.2Bulb
Nikon D7200
Niko D600-6101285.96FSIFF2424.035.929533.4343.2Bulb
Pntax K5(II(s))0714.78FSIapsC1615.723.612023.2528.4Bulb
Eos 60(0)dCan4.28MosapsC1815.022.58032.3827.0Bulb
Nikon D2HLBC9.55MosapsC415.523.73520.9628.3Bulb
Mamiya ZDDals9.00CCDMF2236.048.02450.1460.0


Big Pixel's Myth,
Litho+Etch Accuracy increase Sensitivity, BSI beats FSI, CMos beats CCD.
When possible, several values of the Dxo-ISO Score have been taken into account
Of course they have to come from very similar, if not same sensors :
Pentax Q-Q10 : 2, Can120-Nik340 : 2, SamsNXmini : 10, NikonD600-610 : 2,
Pntax K5(II(s)) : 3, Pentax K3(II) : 2, Eos 60(0)d : 2
In these cases, ISO Mean Value is used

Pentax Q Q10 at the Top of this Comparison with the Sony Exmor R imx078,
which are the most sensitive ILC Camera's sensors : PentaxQ10AstroIR.html
but you'll have to thin their Bayonet Mount 0.2mm off : PentaxQLandscape.html
Followed by 3 fixed-lens cameras with 1/1.7 BSI sensors : just for information.
Fourth, the Samsung NX mini, Exmor R imx183 : SamsungNXminiTopIR.html
NX mini is not as sensitive as the Q, Q10, but way more easy to modify & use.
NX mini is an all purpose Astro- & Landscape-IR Camera. Easy for beginners !


Here is another way to compare sensors Sensitivity from Sony called "Starvis"
You have to multiply the Typical Voltage of 1 Pixel in 1/30 sec. at F/5.6 by 30
then you divide two times that result by the Pixel Pitch value = mV / µm² in 1 sec.
All these are taken from Sony Spec-Sheets in the Color or Green row = mV Typ.

Sony Starvis Criteria = BSI CMos sensors with sensitivity >= 2000 mV / µm²
I just inserted the Pentax Q7 & Q10 sensors and some Datas, the Pixel Pitch :

Clic Image to enlarge full-size

Starvis Sensitivity = 1 Pixel Typical-Voltage in 1/30s at F/5.6 x 30 / Pixel-Pitch ²

IOW = 1 Pixel Typical-Voltage 1/30s F/5.6 x 30 / Pixel-Pitch / Pixel-Pitch

- in case of *Digit value present, Multiply ( Typical-Voltage x 30 ) by it, ex.: x 0.1992

Sony sensor Starvis Sensitivity mV / µm² in 1 sec.


Sony Starvis Sensitivity : mV / µm²
Asi224 +HCG2243.75FSI1/3"1.33.604.802350
Asi290 +HCG2902.90BSI1/
Pentax Q100781.55BSI1/2.3124.606.151437.199235747.70
Pentax Q100781.55BSI1/2.3124.606.151437.186933547.70
Pg250 / 2522523.45FSI1/
Pntx Q7 Qs1 ?2261.85BSI1/1.7125.707.50280
Pentax Q ??1171.55BSI1/2.3124.606.15976.199224287.70
Pntx Q7 Qs1 ?1441.85BSI1/1.7125.707.501202.186919699.40
Asi174 / Pg2491745.86FSI1/

Big Pixel's Myth,
Litho+Etch Precision increase Sensitivity, HCG boosts it more.
HCG = High Conversion Gain ~2 stages Amplification
*Digit (ADU) : intermediate value of Sony Calculations in some Spec-Sheets
1 Value of *Digit, because none could be found in the Sony imx144 Spec-Sheet :
- 0.1869 Mean Value from 7 *Digit values found in Sony Specs from ~similar CMos
2 Values of *Digit, because none could be found in the Sony imx078 Spec-Sheet :
- the 0.1992 Value from his brother the Sony imx117
- 0.1869 Mean Value from 7 *Digit values found in Sony ditto...
~> Sony imx078cqk BSI Exmor Sensor Specification Sheets to DownLoad :
DownLoad the 2 Sony Specs Pages with *Digit Values zipped to
Few years ago, you'd have to be a Fortunate Professional Researcher to get a
BSI CCD Sensor, with High Energy Waste, and High Dark Current Level, and No
possibility to get the Signal Cleaned, then Digitized "on chip" : The Exmor Bonus !

From the Sony imx183 up to the imx078 sensor,
Sensitivity Numbers got from both Methods, Confirm each other.

      ©Dima Lootvoet 2010-19

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