How to evaluate Driver's OverTaking Power

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Average Position on Starting Grid - D I M A Racing

D I M A Racing -- Average Position on Finish Line

Driver's OverTaking Power - D I M A Racing

Calculate DOTP

Usage example :
- Go to - Statistics Drivers - Misc - Average position on the Grid
- Choose a Driver you want to know his OverTaking Power, go to his Page, type his
- "Rank on Starting Grid" Blue Numbers separated by commas here in "Get APSG"
- then hit the "Get APSG" Button - type his "Rank on Finish Line" Blue Numbers
- separated by commas here in "Get APFL" - then hit the "Get APFL" Button
- Finally hit the "Get DOTP" Button : his "OverTaking Power" is calculated
+ on some Browsers/Systems: hit "Calculate DOTP" then hit "Get DOTP"

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