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ILCs that got a $$$ Astro-Cam's Pro-Sensor !

Big +, here are some easy DiY improvements

High Quality AstroPhotography, little money.

The Pentax Q, Q10, 2 little Marvels with ISO 5680 sensors

Pentax Q, Q10, IR-Cut Filter Removal w/o disassembling

Pentax Q, Q10, Bayonet thinning 4 Landscape IR photo.

How to fit a Std 1"1/4 Filter in the Pentax K-Q Adapter

How to prevent their Sensor from Heating, No LENR !

How to avoid Light Pollution Filters to get More Light

Pentax Q10 total Firmware Disassembly for Hacking

Astro-Photography Gallery : Pentax Q-10
Pentax Q10 Astro-Photos Gallery

Samsung NX mini, a slim Jewel, Pro level Bsi CMos sensor

Samsung NX mini IR-Cut filter Removal, w/ front panel off

M48 & M42 T2 Mount Thread on your Samsung NX-mini

How to mount a ToUCam on your FinderScope 4 Guiding

How to get 4 min Long Exposures w/o SR2NX02 Remote

How to make your EQ Mount as Steady as a Rock

Pentax Q10 vs Samsung NX mini : Pros & Cons

Astro-Photography Gallery Samsung NX-mini
Samsung NX-mini Astro-Photo Gallery

Pentax K5(IIs) Zero Noise Astrophotography at base ISO 80

Camera Simulator, Exposure Calculator : SLV -49 to 69 Ev

Why shoot Astro-Photography at High ISO with a K-5 ?

How to keep a Battery at 14-Volt all the night long

AstroPhotography Gallery Pentax K-5 ISO 80
Pentax K-5 Astro-Photos Gallery

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